Legal services often involve multiple areas of law. Below are some we practice.


Violation of civil rights is something to fight daily. Whether perpetrated by a government entity or private one, it is our duty to set things right. Attorney Daley went to Howard Law School for its reputation in advancing civil rights in this country, especially for people of color. He partook in a year-long faculty fellows program with Dr. Shirley Suet-ling Tang in an AANAPISI initiative, and includes civil rights aspects in his Northeastern University course curricula. 


Daley Law offices


From forming businesses to helping resolve disputes via negotiation, mediation, commercial arbitration, or litigation in the various courts.


We handle other legal areas, too, but would be happy to help you find another law firm for criminal law, immigration, and other specialties.


Paternity, guardianship, child support and visitation, divorce, will contest, property settlement, etc. 


  • As licensed broker, Attorney Daley can advise people finding homes using certain criteria, and also do the legal work get the right one for them, e.g., offer, purchase and sale agreement, closing documents, etc.
  • Real estate litigation.
  • Homesteads; Deeds.
  • Leases.
  • ​Housing law.
  • Estate matters.


Accidents happen, but sometimes a person or business is liable for the resulting bodily and property injuries. Compensating can include payment for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and other suffering, rebuilding structures, etc. For auto accidents, some of these are paid regardless of who is at fault.

(Not workers compensation, unless someone other than the employer or employee is at least partially at fault. Not medical malpractice.)